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Aerides maculosa

Aerides maculosa


Originally submitted as Aerides maculosum. Edit as per Monocot List.

Aerides maculosa

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Aerides rosea

Hi Steve (& Jay),

I believe that this is Aerides rosea [syn. Aer. fieldingii] and not Aer. maculosa.

Aer. maculosa has a differently shaped lip that has much larger side-lobes and a non-pointed lip apex. As far as I am aware Aer. maculosa is not in cultivation. All seedlings and plants that I have seen with the name Aer. maculosa have in my opinion been Aer. rosea.

I wrote an article about the species of the genus Aerides for the Australian Orchid Review that was published in 2002 & 2003.




Yong Gee. G. (2002) "An Introduction to Aërides Lour. – Part 2." Australian Orchid Review. 67 (6): 10-24.

use of photo

Hi Wellsy
I would like to ask permission for the use of this photo for IOSPE. Full credit to you and a link to OOL

jay pfahl