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Ascocentrum (J.J Smith) Schltr.

Type Species: Ascocentrum miniatum Lindl. 1913



Pronunciation: ass-koe-SEN-trum

Temperature: W.I.

Country: Asia, Philippines

Ascocentrums are a typically compact plants which resemble a small Vanda. They have erect stems of densely packed, vibrant and colourful flowers which are most sought after. As with vandas they are most often best grown in a basket with very little (if any) potting media. Give them year-round warm and moist conditions but makes sure they are kept drier if conditions should become cool.

Ascocentrums are used extensively in hybridizing with many other genera most notable Vanda, producing smaller more compact plants with often more vibrant and colourful flowers.

Ascocentrum ampullaceum Lindl. - Tropical Himalayas, Burma, and Thailand - Alt 300-900m - epiphyte
Ascocentrum aureum J.J.Sm
Ascocentrum curvifolium Lindl. - Nepal, India[Assam], Burma, Thailand and Indo-china - epiphyte
Ascocentrum garayi Christ.-Indochina
Ascocentrum hendersonianum - Borneo - Flowers in Spring
Ascocentrum insularum E.A. Christenson - Borneo
Ascocentrum miniatum Lindl. - Himalayas to Thailand, Malaysia and Java - epiphyte Ascocentrum pumilum - Taiwan - Flowers in Winter - Shade
Ascocentrum pusillum Aver`yanov - Vietnam
Ascocentrum semiteretifolium Seidenf. - Thailand