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Phaius species

Phaius species

This species was seen flowering in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The flowers are self pollinating, about 6cm across.

Phaius species

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Hey John, Do you have any Terrestrials for sale?

Terrestials for Sale? Sorry No.

Hello Julian,
I do appologise, for I missed your question regarding the selling terrestials. I dont sell terrestials. I suggest you try to purchase them, from the Tuber Bank (ANOS Victoria). The sales are offered to ANOS members.

Best Wishes

nice one!

Hi John

Is this a photo or a painting? It's beautiful!

Regards wellsy

photo or painting

I'm guessing the latter its so beautifully presented. Be interesting to know the species name.


Looks a bit like P.

Looks a bit like P. terrestris. but would not put my money on it...