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Cattleya purpurata

Now Cattleya

Hi Bernard

this needs to have the name revised to reflect it's accepted name of Cattleya purpurata

It's very important for this one in particular as it is the top of the tree in the Cattleya purpurata branch of the Orchids A-Z book.

PS: would all others who have posts under these please do likewise and edit their post now

thanks to all

site admin

Regards wellsy

Change from Sophronitis to Cattleya purpurata

All my S. purpurata posts are changed to Cattleya.
In the Orchids A-Z they are still listed under Sophronitis.


I changed mine in October but it is still listed under Sophronitis, there are also some in this list by members that don't visit the site anymore, can you change them ?



I have now commented on the 3 posts which did not have their names updated asking for the owners to update them. For some technical reason there were quite a number of posts which in fact Horst and others had updated but were still showing up in the A-Z as Sophronitis purpurata. I am really not sure why that would have been?

I managed to get these all corrected bar one post which is now listed twice in the A-Z. see here

Thanks again to all of you for your help with this.

site admin

Regards wellsy

time is the problem

Hi Horst and Warren,

now that Bernard has edited his post I have moved it to the Cattleya branch of the Orchids A-Z.

Thanks to you both for updating your posts to reflect the new name of this wonderful plant.

Unfortunately you will see that the majority of the posts under Bernards are still listed as Sophronitis however. As admin I intend to post comments under each of these asking the owner to edit them to the correct name initially.

As you all know a requirement of being added to the Orchids A-Z is that your post must have the accepted name in the title and be repeated in the body.
(see here

Any posts that are not correctly named within this branch of the A-Z in around 2 months will simply be removed from the Orchids A-Z. Of course they will remain on Orchids Online, just not listed in the A-Z. That is the current site policy here and how it will be done. It is up to the owner of each post to correct their post and if it is not corrected then the site policy will be applied unfortunately.

site admin

Regards wellsy


Exquisite plant and a terrific photo Bernard.

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy