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Bulbophyllum imbricatum

Bulbophyllum imbricatum

Another species from section Megaclinium; Dist: West and Central Africa. Same rhachis arrangement as B.scaberulum; but does not have the floral variety of that species.

Bulbophyllum imbricatum

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Stinky ?

Hi Bernabu,
This beauty looks like it might be one of the smelly (bad) ones, is it.
Either way its a good looking flower.



Thanks for your comments. This species has no good or bad scent. I think that it just attracts the insect with vivid markings, or perhaps some other hidden attraction.


getting better!

Bernard....they just keep getting better!

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy


pawpaw, I am not sure if this is one of my images, I know it sounds silly, but I have exchanged images ( for quite a few years) with a good friend who is also a bulbo enthusiast. He has all my images and I his. I have used an Olympus 4040 with a seperate macro lense for several years and of course I have a decent tripod. Previously, I used 35mm film without much success, so digital camera's have been a godsend.


This one caught me eye

The leopard pattern caught my eyes. Excellent photo Bern.

Drop dead gorgeous! One day,

Drop dead gorgeous! One day, maybe one day I will flower something as beautiful, hope they have orchids in Heaven!!!!!!

Bulb. imbricatum

Hi bernabu, just want to say love your photography of the above Bulbophyllum. Only have a SLR camera and am not that good at taking photos tend to shake am now useing a tripod. mcorchid and I have been talking and he tells me I should go and buy a digital. What camera do you use. Can you suggest anything?