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Dendrobium cinereum

Dendrobium cinereum
Name edit as per comments below.

Dendrobium sanguinolentum

Syn. Den. cerinum

Name edit as per Monocot List, original submission below.

Dendrobium cenerium

Dendrobium cinereum

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Dendrobium derryi

Hi Pak Sheikh,

According to Jeffrey Wood this is Dendrobium derryi Ridl. (1907), which is the correct name for Den. cinereum J.J.Sm. (1920) as it was published earlier. You have spelt it as cinerium.

You will note that the photos shown on the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia website both represent the same species.

Den. derryi:
Den. cinereum:

The World Checklist still has not caught up with this fact, so it still recognises Den. cinereum as an accepted name.

Reference: Jeffrey Wood, Orchids of Borneo Vol. 4, 2003.

Hope this helps.



Name change for Pak Sheikh

Hi Pak, just name change info for you so you can change your label if you wish to.


Name change

Hi Bill,
Again i'm a bit confuss on this matter.I referring to Royal Botanical Garden,Kew web page n confirm that this is Dend.cinereum.Correct me if i'm wrong guys.......n i also scroll thru j pfahl web site at orchid species photo encyclopedia it was stated as Dend.cinereum......n my mistake was with the wrong spelling on the id of this species...Sorry Bill....

Pak sheikh.

Pak Sheikh

Name fixed

Hello Pak, when I checked this submission of Den. cenerium I found it to be non existant so I looked around that area of spelling and could only find Den. cerinum and that is a synonym for the accepted name Den. sanguinolentum. Had a quick look at the flowers and they were similar, I did the edit with the information I had to work with.

Now you have come back with the correct spelling of Den. cinereum, that's great, no more confusion.

I'll edit this submission to Den. cinereum.

Regards Bill

Now its confirm

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the confirmation.
Pak sheikh.

Pak Sheikh