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Dendrobium chryseum

Dendrobium chryseum Rolfe, Gard. Chron., III, 3: 233 (1888).

Synonym: Dendrobium flaviflorum Hayata, J. Coll. Sci. Imp. Univ. Tokyo 30(1): 312 (1911).

Distribution: China, Taiwan, Assam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

Photo updated 7 July 2009.

Dendrobium chryseum

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Lovely warm colour and nice sharp interesting image.



thanks as always for your kind words Bernard.

This species has been a trial to grow over the years. I had two clones originally and they both grew like weeds but never flowered for over a decade. Then out of the blue this one flowered and next thing I noticed they were both going backwards fast.

I have one tiny piece of one clone left and it looks a little like this winter may do it in yet.

Regards wellsy