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Bulbophyllum sp. section Fruticicola | Orchids Online
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Bulbophyllum sp. section Fruticicola

Bulbophyllum sp. section Fruticicola

Distribution: Papua New Guinea.

Altitude: 1000 to 2000 meters.

Leaf length round 1.7cm.

Growing in filtered shade, close proximity too water. High Humidity Mid September.

Bulbophyllum sp. section Fruticicola

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Bulbophylum species

Hi takalaua, nice image, not seen this one before! But all the more interesting to track down the name. Have you any more images from PNG?


Orchids PNG

Hi Bernabu, I have other orchid photographs - digital shots - from PNG all in CR2 format, and all with dust on the sensor spots - not fine tuned as yet. Dendrobiums, Paphiopedilum, Ceologyne, Spathaglottis, Phaius, Oberonia, Taneophyllum, and other Genera that I do not know. There is also in that folder maybe another 2 Bulbophyllums from that area. There are other folders with other species of orchids from other areas in PNG as well.

can't wait

Oooohhh...can't wait John!

I am sure they will be very exciting....just like those that you have put up so far!

PS: For those interested...look here for further info on the CR2 format spoken of above http://www.dotwhat.net/lang_eng/files_c/extension_cr2/id_8737/

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy

Bulbo I.D.

Hi John, I think your new species image is from section Fruticicola, which is characterised by the uniform flower structure and the psuedobulbs being more or less appressed to the rhizome and are cylindrical. I believe that your plant is most likely to be B.oreogenum, or very closely related. The Type of this species was found on trees in the forest of the Kani Range, alt around 1000m, flowering in Feb 1908 and described by R.Schlechter in the early 1900's.
Regards bernabu


Kani Range

Hi Bernabu, Thanks you. Kani Range I found, was in the Madang area.
Following your information I did a search on, "Kani Range" + PNG, and I got 2 sites one in German, and another with "Papua New Guinea Orchid News" in that second site they had 3 images of Bulbophyllum oreogenum.
In comparison too that site's images of B. oreogenum, the form of the plant near to this plant with some variation, but the structure of the flower was different. And it was difficult too see similarities, with the flower of this species.
I will crop the original raw file and post that image, so you can easily see more details of this flower.
Regards John

Kani Range

Hi takalaua, , Look forward to seeing the image. I did part of my search using R.Schlechter's 'The Orchidaceae of German New Guinea' After finding the correct Section I then went through the different species and looked at Schlechters rough drawings and part descriptions. Your species of course, could have been described since Schlts publication. A good close-up picture would also help to compare the drawings. Perhaps others could join in the search?
Regards Bernard



Hi Bernard, I did not know how too include the detailed photo with this post, so i placed it in a new post "Bulbophyllum? Detail" I have managed too put the image in this post as an attachment above. YC6Z8163-3d

Nice detail

Nice detail that is John...I have made the image appear here for you.

If you want extra photos to appear in posts you can just do as you have done (add them as an attachment) and I will make them appear for you (or anyone else who want it done for that matter)

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy


Hi John, Have been in touch with a taxonomist contact of mine and he say's that it looks like section Fruticicola but that he couldn't identify it without a spirit sample. I have in the past sent him images and spirit samples of my own species also leaves and other material for DNA sampling and he has been helpful. Hopefully with a bit more searching we might get lucky.
regards Bernard (UK)


Spirit sample

Thanks Bernard, we might get lucky without a spirit sample - unless it is unidentified. Another trip too PNG, which I could see has changed in my last most recent trip there, from when going there in the late 70s and through the 80s, another trip maybe nice though.
Cheers John


Hi takalaua, I'm sure that all our members would love to see your unusual images from PNG, after all, sharing with others is one of the greatest gifts, what is perhaps ordinary for some would be an eye-opener and revalation to others.