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Aporostylis Rupp & Hatch. 1946. The name is from the Greek, aporein, to be uncertain, the confusion over the interpretation of the column. The plant has been assigned to both Caladenia and Chiloglottis, but doesn't fit in either genus. One species known from New Zealand. Aporostylis bifolia (Hook.f) Rupp & Hatch. Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S. W 70: 60 (1946). Aporostylis bifolia (Hook. f) Rupp & Hatch ibid. Name = two leaved. Aporostylis bifolia was originally described as Caladenia bifolia by J.D. Hooker on the basis of the floral features, transferred to Chiloglottis by Schlechter, because of its vegetative similarity to that genus, and then segregated by Rupp & Hatch , because of its inconsistencies with both genera.