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Phalaenopsis venosa

Phalaenopsis venosa Shim & Fowlie 1983

Synonyms: Polychilos venosa (Shim 1983)

Temperature: I.W.

Country: Endemic on the island of Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Phalaenopsis venosa is an epiphytic plant with short stem carrying 3-5 leaves. It bears one to several, flatened, erect inflorescences with usually 1-2 flowers open on each at any one time. The plant continues to flower opening them sequentially as the older ones fall. Found from 450 to 1000 m.

Phalaenopsis venosa

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Fantastic image of this species, the intricate overlaying colours on the flower parts have been captured wonderfully. Well done Steve.


hanging around

Yes, they are small but well worth having a couple hanging around the shed Bernard....if only I could grow them well like some of my mates!

Thanks for the kind words Bernard.

Regards wellsy