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K & H Smart (Ken & Heather) Price List

K & H Smart (Ken & Heather) Price List

We specialize in the culture of Phaleanopsis species and hybrids and Paphiopedilum species and primary hybrids. Although we do also occasionally have available some Phragmipedilum species and primary hybrids as well.

Nursery Hours

We are open for business most times but would appreciate a phone call or email to arrange a suitable time for your visit. Note: I only check email on a daily basis so please ring if you would like to visit same day.

This is the current list of plants which is available for order. Note well: Plants available for shipment in Australia only. Not all plants are available in large quantities, so if you are interested contact us now to assure your order.

Contact details
Phone number: (07) 3287 2343
Email: Please use my contact tab
Postal and Nursery Address: 53 Hammel St.
Beenleigh, Qld. Australia. 4207

This list was updated on 15/5/11

Price List

Phalaenopsis Species
# Species/Description 70mm 80mm 100mm Special
2899 Phalaenopsis amboinensis out cross 2 good clones from Taiwan     $15.00  
1951 Phalaenopsis pulchra in flower     $15.00  
2898 Phalaenopsis violacea var.alba 'CH2' x'CH1 well grown plants' from Taiwan $20.00      
Phalaenopsis Hybrids
# Species/Description 70mm 80mm 100mm Special
101 Doritis pulcherrima x Lee Soo should be a very nice hybrid     $15.00  
3114 Dtps . Chain Xen Mamon Mericlone White with purple centre, very nice, should flower thias year     $20.00  
3123 Dtps. Taida Salu 'Alisan' , mericlone, Golden Yellow     $20.00  
3111 Hsinginy Palable "Moore' x Han's Ben's Girl $ .00 $ .00 $15.00  
3109 I-Hsin Pretty Noble x I-Hsin Luckey Lady 2 very nice light pinks.     $15.00  
3109 I-Hsin Pretty 'Noble' x I-Hsin Lucky Lady, 2 very nice light pinks.     $15.00  
3117 Phal Hsinginy Sonta Sib White with red stripes.Good shape fronTaiwan     $20.00  
3119 Phal, Ching Hua Magic x Hsinginy Leopard, Heavy red spotting centre, white edge, from Taiwan.     $20.00  
3122 Phal, Hsinginy Yukikime x Hsinginy Hakucho Good White     $20.00  
3124 Phal. Hsinginy Maki 'Shoy Gun' Mericlone White with rick pink centre, very nice good shape     $20.00  
3115 Phal. Hsinginy Elite x Hsinginy Maki 'Shot Gun' White with rich pink centre     $15.00  
3116 Phal. Hsinginy Leopard Sib. red Harlequin Good Shape, from Taiwan     $20.00  
3091 Phal. Leopard Prince 'Seasons Prince' Mereiclone dark red with white and yellow markings. From Taiwan.     $15.00  
3127 Phal. Phal. Ming Hing White Snow 'Gaint' x Long Pride Snow Golden Heart 2 excelllent 5 inch. whites a show winner.     $15.00  
3121 Phal. Shiuhdong Sweet Heart x Ching Hua Horn 'Jordan' Very nice pink.     $20.00  
3108 Phal. Taisuco Wonder 'Kingcar' x Phal Tomo Arcnus, 2 top show benck 5 inch Whites.     $15.00  
3110 Phal.Hsinginy Palable 'Noore' x Hwafeng Redjewel 'Doug Fang' Big Red 2 good shape large flowers.     $15.00  
Good Growing Ken & Heather Smart


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