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Leptotes bicolor

Leptotes bicolor Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. 19: t. 1625 (1833).

Distribution: SE. Brazil to Paraguay

Leptotes bicolor is a cool to hot growing epiphyte found from Brazil to Paraguay in subtropical rainforest and coastal mountains at between 500 to 900m. It has small cylindrical pseudobulbs and channeled terete leaves. It forms a dense matt when in favoured locations and in culture will cover the mount if conditions suit.

Probably best grown on a cork or treefern mount however pot culture may be suitable if it is given a chance to ramble over the edges of the pot.

This is a fantastic and rewarding miniature plant which should be in every serious species growers collection. It grows well, flowers profusely and easily with long lasting, quite large and well coloured flowers.

Truly what more could you ask for!

Leptotes bicolor

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Well done

Very nice specimen Wellsy!


Great flowering

Well done Wellsy, a great looking plant.

Leptotes seed pod

Hi Alex,
Apparently the seed pod of Leptotes (bicolor or unicolor) is egg shaped and about the size of a pidgeon egg. It is supposed to be very similar to vanilla in taste, and is used in South America as a cheap sustitute for vanilla flavouring of ice-cream. The pods are picked when they are almost ripe, just before opening, and put out in the hot sun for a few days, and then stored in an airtight jar.
Thats about all I can tell you regarding this species.


very interesting stuff

That's all very interesting stuff gents. Thanks for sharing!

Regards wellsy

I gave a third look at it.

I gave a third look at it. So beautiful!

Seed pod used for food flavouring?

Someone told me that the seed pod of this species is used for food flavouring. Can any one add details? What is it like, smell, taste?