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Cattleya mossiae

Cattleya mossiae C.Parker ex Hook., Bot. Mag. 65: t. 3669 (1838).

Distribution: Venezuela

Cattleya mossiae is the National flower of Venezuela. It was described by Hooker in 1838 and it is the longest of the Venezuelan Cattleya. It can by found in the states Miranda, Aragua, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Lara, Portuguesa, Trujillo and the Federal District. It grows at altitudes of between 800 and 1700 m.a.s.l., with temperatures that fluctuate between 10 and 28ºC.

It flowers from February to May with 2-7 large flowers (from 12-24 cm in diameter). Because of the dimension of its flowers, it has been used in many crosses with different Cattleyas. Good ventilation is essential, and maximum sunlight short of leaf burn will ensure maximum flowering.

Cattleya mossiae

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Missed this one first time around. Nice shape and nice colours.


thanks Bernard

It was a nice plant to have around but unfortunately all I have now is a few photos to remind me.

Never mind.

Regards wellsy