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Phalaenopsis pulchra

Phalaenopsis pulchra (Rchb.f.) H.R.Sweet, Amer. Orchid Soc. Bull. 37: 1102 (1968).

Distribution: Philippines

Phalaenopsis pulchra

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Phal. pulchra

Hi Anton,
You have a nice plant there. I have this sp. as well. It keep producing flower spike but never had flowers. very frustrating. Is it normal for this sp. to be like this?
Regards, Daniel.

Phal pulchra

Yes, it is a touchy species, I am sorry to say I have lost this plant.

Late last year it produced 3 keikis and 3 buds. The buds just started to open, everything was going well, then within a week it was dead.

I had potted the keikis when the plant started going down hill, but they only lasted a month and they too died.
It was kept in my warm house with my Balinese orchids, so it got the right growing conditions for a tropical species.

I had done nothing different in the 2 years I had it and this was it's third flowering and looking healthy, so, I would say they are
finicky to look after after my experience, and hoping to get another if possible this year from the same grower.

This is one I put down to experience. :o|

Good luck.


Phal pulchra

So, looks like i'm not the only one having difficulty with this sp huh? LOL. Fortunately my plant is doing well in these few years. It's just that the spikes doesn't produce flowers. Anyway, thx for sharing your experience.
Regards, Daniel.