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Dendrobium tetragonum

Dendrobium tetragonum Cunn. var giganteum P. Gilbert

Temperature: I.W.

Country: Australia

Common name: Spider Orchid

Synonym/s: Dendrobium tetragonum Cunn. Var tomentosum Nicholls
Dendrobium capitisyork M. Clements and D. Jones

Contributors: Ian Walters (original line drawing)

Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum has large flowers to 12 cm, yellow with white lip blotched red. This is commonly called the Spider orchid in its native Australia.

Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum gets its name from the shape of the square cross-section of the pseudobulbs, and is a plant of the edges of the rainforest.

A treefern slab or small well drained pot or basket is needed. The media should be well drained and the plant kept on the dry side when it is not in active growth. Grow in a well lighted area, but shaded to prevent sunburn as the plants grow naturally in shady leafy trees along watercourses.

Found from sea level up to approx. 700m in the tropical rainforests of north Queensland from the Fitzroy River to Cape York Peninsula.

Dendrobium tetragonum

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