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Acianthus R. Br. 1810

Type Species: Acianthus exsertus



Pronunciation: ah-key-an-thus

Temperature: I.C.

Country: Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia

Acianthus is a small Australasian genus of around 21 terrestrial species found in small groups in forests on decaying litter, or occasionally on partially decayed logs or in association with bracken fern. Comprising a single, heart-shaped, clasping leaf, often with purple markings and growing from small, globular, subterranean tubers from which the flower stems arise. They are mainly insect pollinated, usually by small gnats. Flowers are small (4-5 mm), and tend to blend in with the surroundings.

Acianthus aegeridantennatus (NW. & SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus amplexicaulis (NE. Queensland to EC. New South Wales, New Caledonia).
Acianthus atepalus (SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus bracteatus (SE. New Caledonia) .
Acianthus caudatus : Mayfly Orchid, Dead-horse Orchid (SE. Australia).
Acianthus confusus (New Caledonia).
Acianthus corniculatus (NW. New Caledonia).
Acianthus cymbalariifolius (New Caledonia).
Acianthus elegans (New Caledonia).
Acianthus exsertus : Gnat Orchid (E. & SE. Australia). (type species)
Acianthus fornicatus : Pixie-caps (E. Australia).
Acianthus grandiflorus (C. & SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus halleanus (NW. & SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus heptadactylus (New Caledonia).
Acianthus ledwardii (SE. Queensland).
Acianthus macroglossus (SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus oxyglossus (SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus sinclairii (New Zealand - incl. Stewart I.), Chatman Is., Kermadec Is.)
Acianthus tenuilabris (C. & SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus veillonis (SE. New Caledonia).
Acianthus viridis (Tasmania, New Zealand).