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Dendrobium ovipostoriferum

Dendrobium ovipostoriferum

Dendrobium ovipostoriferum

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Dendrobium dearei

Hi Khairimhd,

Going by the flower numbers, lip shape and spur alignment, your photo looks to me to represent Dendrobium dearei, rather than Den. ovipostoriferum.

Quoting Jeffrey Wood:
Dendrobium ovipostoriferum is a closely allied plant described from Kalimantan by J.J. Smith. It differs from Den. dearei in having much smaller stems up to only 22 cm long, shorter (up to 4 cm) black-hairy leaves and few-flowered, or possibly solitary, inflorescences. The size, shape and length to width ratio of the floral segments also differs. The flowers have a gold spot at the centre of the lip which has a crenulate margin to the mid-lobe. The basal claw bears five longitudinal ribs, which are lacking in Den. dearei. The spur-shaped mentum is aligned parallel to but not in a straight line with the lip as in Den. dearei.

Reference: Jeffrey Wood, Orchids of Borneo Vol. 4, 2003.