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Bulbophyllum Tee Sprite Claw

Bulbophyllum Tee Sprite Claw

Name edit and identification as per comments below.

Bulbophyllum unknown 3

All we have to go on is ananputidum

Bulbophyllum Tee Sprite Claw

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Bulbophyllum hybrid

These three 'unknown' pictures show a primary cross between B.annandalei and B.putidum.


Bulbo clean up

Bernard, I've noticed you have had several good looks at these three photos, the time has come to clean them up.

Photo 2 is a duplication of photo 3 from the old Website and should be deleted and leave us with two photos.

Your identification of this being a hybrid between Bulb. annandalei and Bulb. putidum makes this plant Bulb. Tee Sprite Claw.

Will edit accordingly if Steve agrees to this.

Thankyou Bernard, great job.

Regards Bill

sounds like a plan

That sounds like a good plan Bill....I agree

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy