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Bulbophyllum roxburghii

Bulbophyllum roxburghii (Lindl.) Rchb. f. 1864



Temperature: W.I.

Country: India

Synonym/s: Aerides radiatum Roxburgh ex Lindley 1830
Cirrhopetalum roxburghii Lindl. 1830

Bulbophyllum roxburghii is one of the members of the section Recurvae which was once mistakenly included in the Aerides genus. This species is found as an epiphyte in the Ganges Delta area of India and is best grown in relatively bright light in pots or on slabs of cork or treefern fibre. Give it even moisture year round with good air movement always.

Bulbophyllum roxburghii

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Nice picture wellsy of this species, which is part of the corolliferum group which also includes one or two others that secrete a thick sugary gooey liquid from the surface of the sepals, sometimes so much that it actually drips from the sepals or makes them stick together. One can imagine that these species command a lot of attention with bees in their natural environment.