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Rhyncholaeliocattleya Alma Kee

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Alma Kee

Previously known as Blc. Alma Kee

Parents: C. Alma x Rlc. Cheah Bean-Kee.

A standard sized Cattleya with bright yellow flowers with a velvety red lip that has the yellow 'dowiana' veining.

VERY EYECATCHING! The flowers are held well above the foliage on tall spikes.

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Alma Kee

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alma kee

absolutely awesome welsy, Im in love with alma kee.


personal favourites

this is one of my personal favourites....thanks

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy

Rsc. Alma Kee 'Tip Malee' FCC.CST, AM/AOS

Hi all,

This is a classic beauty of all time! Not only "Eye-catching", "Head-turning", but "Breath-holding" and "Heart-breaking"!

There is a very popular variety:

Rsc. Alma Kee 'Tip Malee' , FCC/CST, AM/AOS

(Sc. Alma x Rsc. Cheah Bean-Kee (1/1/1975))

[CST: Cattleya Orchid Society of Thailand]

.Sc. Alma = Sc. Appam x Sc. Helius (1/1/1931)
.Rsc. Cheah Bean-Kee = Sc. Los Angeles x Rsc. Norman's Bay (1/1/1964)

AS welly pointed out, it has the lip-traits from C. Dowiana. Also, Rsc. Norman's Bay's as a grand-parent:


In this genealogy of Pot. Willam Farrell, we can track down the genealogy of Sc. Alma, (and of Lc. Appam, Sc. Helius):

PS: Some crosses from Rsc. Alma Kee:

.Rsc. Eva's Alma Latina (Rsc. Alma Kee x Rsc. Waikiki Gold (11/12/1998))
.Rsc. Mishima Sunbeam (Rsc. Alma Kee x Rsc. Goldenzelle (6/8/1999))
.Rsc. Sunstate Beauty (Rsc. Alma Kee x Rsc. Sunset Bay (8/16/1993))
.Rsc. Sunstate's Bride Groom (Rsc. Alma Kee x Rsc. Oconee (6/5/2007))?
.Rsc. Thomas Charles (Rsc. Alma Kee x Rsc. Golden Canefields (7/14/2008))?
.Rsc. Yellow Heart (Rsc. Alma Kee x Sc. Beaufort (3/12/2002))?

.Thw. Varut Goldfield (Rsc. Alma Kee x Gsl. Kauai Starbright (12/1/1986))

.Rsc. Chivas (C. Moscombe x Rsc. Alma Kee (8/30/1995))

Question ?

Why is there a ? mark after some of the dates?


? mark on Date of registration

Hi Buckie,

My mistake of omission when I edited that comment!

My apology, I will be more careful next time!

When I pasted from the original site, somehow the ? showed up, I guess that came from some computer-language-soft-ware issue (lost in translation). It should not be there!


I have

I have one of those, Rsc. Thomas Charles, was a tad worried that there was a problem with it, thanks for that info.


Does it grow outdoor in NSW ?

I was just wondering if this Alma Kee will thrive outdoor in the balcony of NSW (suburb of Sydney to be exact) coz I love this catt.
Has anyone in NSW ever grow this outdoor without any protection ?


It grows with no heat here

It grows with no heat here in Brisbane with bright light and plenty of breeze so I think a little protection on the coldest nights in Sydney may be OK.

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy

My favourite too..

used to grow this Alma Kees easily in the tropics, but really challenging to grow tropical catts.
Thanks for the tips and encouragement Wellsy :)