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Cleisocentron gokusingii

Cleisocentron gokusingii.

Distribution Borneo. The flowers of this species are very similar to those of Cleisocentron merrillianum also from Borneo. C.gokusingii is distinguished from the allied C.merrillianum by the thicker stems measuring 0.7 to 0.8cm in diameter; Ligulate non-terete leaves which are constricted about 2cm from the apex. Non-striate leaf sheaths, larger lip midlobe measuring about 4x25mm and spur with a minutely papillose apically slightly bilobed backwall callus but without a discernable front wall callus.

The overall size of the plant at present is 20cm.

Cleisocentron gokusingii

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Blue translucent

Those nearly translucent and blue flowers are really amazing.
And the last photo is really excellent.


Photo 2

I agree. I would give that phot a 10! Beautiful shot of a very interesting orchid



What a beauty Bernard wouldn't mind one of these myself.
Mother nature is truly amazing.



Thanks for your kind comments. It's always a pleasure to see the results of ones efforts coming to fruition. However, I purchased this plant a few months ago at an orchid event and I spied a small green scabrous swelling on the stem which I suspected could be the start of an inflorescence.
So really I shouldn't take all the credit.