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Bulbophyllum smitinandii

Bulbophyllum smitinandii

Bulbophyllum smitinandii

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What are your conditions for this plant? Mine is growing ever so slowly...



I bought 6 seedlings of this Bulbo. about 4 years ago and there is one that is big enough to flower I think in the next 12 months if I am lucky but the other 5 just like your plants Vincent are very slow.
I grow them under 80% black sarlon cloth.They are watered every 2 days in summer and twice a week in winter but then again we have 3 months of wet season where it rains most of the time.


I'm also on 80% shade cloth

I'm also on 80% shade cloth and i water them 3 times a day. I get enough ventilation to dry out between watering.

I am getting like 1 new bulb in 6 months for the smitinandii...



This one is not often seen, it does belong to the lobbii complex.