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Dendrobium peguanum

D. peguanum

Dendrobium peguanum

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Is It A Photography Website Or An Orchid Website?

Some people are interested in photography as a skill and an art, and some people are interested in the plants. I am one of the second group and believe that the value in the image is in recording the plant for people who may be interested in what it looks and grows like, and to help people identify their own plants. This is why I have often commented that I would like to see images of the full plant included, not just flowers. It is OK that the site caters for both photographers and orchid lovers, but I would hate to see people discouraged from posting images because the photographs are flawed in some way. The voting component of these pages promotes the photography side of the website and could easily discourage people from posting. A good solution is that people could choose if they want their images to be voted on or not. I understand that this would be a technical modification to the site and may not be easily achieved, but it would allow people who are not interested in photography like myself to post images without being humiliated because we are not good photographers and not interested in owning good camera equipment.

Bruce Polky

photos v plants

I don't think anyone needs feel humiliated - I have posted some pretty horrible photos myself - but I agree with you Bruce that plants come first and I too like to see images of the whole plant. Lots of useful info to be gathered. OOL is a great resource and should appeal to a wide selection of enthusiasts

Thanks for sharing Jose, a

Thanks for sharing Jose, a very interesting miniature species. In my opinion the images would have been even better without the label showing in amongst the plant.

Bruce, you missed out on another group of people who are interested in both the plant and also the best image of the plant they can post for the enjoyment of others. I am from that group and always strive to give the best images I can, and admit not always successfully.

I would hope that offering encouragement and helpful advice would be recieved in the same good spirit that it was given.. It is certainly not meant to be humiliating,
I hope that I have not discouraged or humiliated anyone for posting images on this site, if I have I apologise, I can assure you that this was not intentional.

Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~Aristotle




I agree with you Bernabu. Whilst I appreciate beautiful photos, I also like to see the plant that produced the the flowers.

Some orchid forums seem to concentrate only on the flowers and ignore the other important bits.



I like it. Very interesting species!

Image quality

Thanks for the comments. My mother takes care of my orchids most of the time as I am working abroad. She takes the pictures when I am not around during the flowering and this is one of the pictures taken by her. Such photos are taken only for my information and I am just sharing some of the interesting species pictures with you. Kindly bear with the image quality as she is a beginner in photography and the camera is not great too. As soon as I get better quality pictures I will post them..



Thanks for sharing Jose, a very interesting miniature species. In my opinion the images would have been even better without the label showing in amongst the plant.