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Aeranthes Lindl. 1824

Type Species: Aeranthes grandiflorus Lindley 1824



Pronunciation: air-AN-theez

Temperature: W.I.

Country: Madagascar

The genus Aeranthes is made up of around 45 plus species found in Madagascar, the Comoros, and Africa. Aeranthes has a single short, erect, monopodial stem. The leaves are leathery and are arranged in two rows of five to seven leaves, with a length of 15-25 cm. New leaves are formed at the top of the stem in a monopodial growth pattern.

A wiry, threadlike flower stalk arches downward to a length of almost 30cm in some species. It carries one or two almost translucent, greenish yellow flowers. The sepals and the shorter petals taper off into five long, narrow shoots. Some give an agreeable, sweet scent in the evening or early morning.

The name "aeranthes" means 'aerial flower', because it seems to float in the air.