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Epidendrum ID?

Any help would do. Thanks!!

Epidendrum ID?

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I'm not an Epidendrum expert; But the flowers are fantastic!!



Thanks! I have only had this orchid for a year. It is a bit of a monster and takes up a lot of space. I like the flowers too. Apparently it originates from the Phillipines, but I can not be sure.



Very close!

Hi Warren

The lip looks like a match. The plant description does not match thou. The orchid in question has a panicle flower stem at the end of the cane only, and does not have a racemose, laterally from below the leaves as described on Jays site.

Let me know your thoughts?


Try this one

The only other one that I can find.


Could it be?

Is there anybody that can confirm if this is Epidendrum clowesii?
I have searched all info on the web and cant seem to get a good description of plant. Have found a few photos of flowers which look like a match.

I would like to know if Epidendrum clowesii has a terminal flower spike, and also if it flowers again from the bracts the following season there after?