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The Israeli Timer

I can use the foggers down to 5 seconds per cycle as many times per hour as I want it to come on, my foggers create a mist that does not wet the plants but created humidity and lowers the temperature in the roof.

The Israeli Timer

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Timer set up

Hi all I bought the timer through my local irrigation and pump shop, they had to order it in it is called a Galcon. This one can go down to 5 secconds. I installed it inside a shoebox I bought from Bunnings and I put the lid on to protect the batteries from getting wet. you do not have to do this and use a bit of grease on the lid but I am just a bit carefull. It cost about $230 but will last, cheaper timers will break down with constant use, my nozzels are foggers, not misters it should look like mountain mist and not wet the leaves and plants. You need very high pressure to get the water through so I have this on town water not the tanks. It uses very little water, you also need one of those filters with disks to stop the nozzles clogging up with minerals.

Water pressure.

You still need a pump to generate the high pressure. Or the town water gives you pressure enough?


Hallo Horst, yes my water pressure is very high I am lucky, also the quality of the water her (townwater is very good ph 5.8).


Thanks Christine ,I am finally about to start new shade house & have been looking for such a timer ( had a look on web & fits the bill ) , will post photo's of it when I start.
Cheers Again


Hi Christine , could you please inform me where you got this timer from ?
Looks like you will have to build another shade house as they look full already

Shadehouse is too full I agree

Hi Brendon, I agree with you, I am constantly sorting out plants I do not keep and sell them, my Tolumnias do not take up much space and I will sell quite a few that I do not keep from next spring. Same with Catt, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium seedlings flowering the first time, this way I keep the house from overcroding.


Christine. Is it possible for you to give us some idea how this system works and what's involved in setting it up.