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Bulbophyllum inclinatum

Bulbophyllum inclinatum J.J.Sm., Nova Guinea 18: 57 (1935).

Small, warm growing epiphyte, native in lowland forest about 250m in west PNG.

Little red flowers, not fully open, with lighter longitudinal stripes. about 4mm in diameter.
Creeping rhizom and with very small, moniliform and obliquely depressed pseudobulbs.
lip immobile and rugulose at the frot part.

This Bulbo belongs to the section Codonosiphon (group C).

I also have a smaller form of this Bulbo like this: (Flower) (Flower) (Habitus) (Flower under microscope)

Bulbophyllum inclinatum

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Considering the size of the flowers, this is a supurb image. This is the first image I have seen of this species. Thanks for sharing.