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Vanda celebica

First blooming for me :)

Vanda celebica Rolfe 1899. its common name is The Celebes/Sulawesi Vanda.
Flower Size 1.2" to 1.4" [3 - 4 cm].
Found in Sulawesi and recently rediscovered, Vanda celebica was thought to be extinct as the last known specimen was collected in 1910. It is a warm to hot growing, large clump forming, monopodial epiphyte from North Sulawesi. Its flowers are 3 - 4 cm across, have a lily-like fragrance that changes to a cucumber aroma after several weeks.


Vanda celebica

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Vanda ID

Hi Agung,

Going by Philippe's comments and the shape of the lip in the photo, I also agree that this is a Vanda from section Deltoglossa and would therefore not be V. celebica.

If your plant does come from Sulawesi, it may be Vanda devoogtii J.J.Sm.




O'Byrne, P. (2011) A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species – Vol. 2. Orchid Society of South East Asia, Singapore.

V devoogtii

I sent the picture of this plant to Mr. Martin Motes who have a great knowledge on Vandaceous and he told me that this flower is compatible with V devoogtii.

Julio David Rios

Time to,

It's time to edit this one, another great outcome. You have one very rare plant there.

Please remember to repeat the name in the body.

Site Admin.


Vanda devoogtii

I took a look and according to the Malayan Orchid Review vol. 39 where P.O'Byrne gives a quick description of Vanda devoogtii, it seems that this flower is very close to it !


V. celebica ID

Without a doubt a very nice flower but, for myself, I have a doubt about V. celebica.

This plant is clearly a plant from the Deltoglossa section (Christenson 1993) who is characterized by a thick column tri-lobed at the base and with mid-lobe of the lip who has the shape of a delta. Most famous species of this section are V. tricolor, luzonica, dearei, merrillii, limbata ...

Vanda celebica is not part of this section, it has a very long column who is not thick and not tri-lobed at the base from what I have seen on the few photos available (including the other photo of this species in this forum). And the lip shape is also different. Christenson has classified V. celebica in the Hastifera section. To compare the characteristics, other most famous plants of the Hastifera section are Vanda roeblingiana, Vanda javierae or, of course, Vanda hastifera.

What other members interested in Vanda genera think about that ?


Agree with you Philippe....

Agree with you Philippe,this is definitely not Vanda celebica...It could be something else. I suppose it might help if the image of the plant is attached cos I have Vanda celebica plant which can be compared with.


Pak Sheikh