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Bulbophyllum saltatorium var. albociliatum

Bulbophyllum saltatorium var. albociliatum.

An extremely variable species found across West Tropical Africa.
Found in primary forest at up to 750m alt: Epiphyte in the crown of trees. Inflorescence 40cm long up to 30x 15mm long flowers. Lip 8.5mm long with purple, pink or white hairs.

Bulbophyllum saltatorium var. albociliatum

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section Lupulina

I simply love anything from section Lupulina, I think your var of white hairs is more unique than those red or purplish hairs.


Bernabu, I have 6 seedlings not long out of flask but they don't look good at the moment.Is this a hard species to grow?


B.saltatorium var. albociliatum

Eric, As you know some seedlings take a little longer to get established, I think once your seedlings have got hold they should do alright especially with your conditions. They grow ok in my warm section. Now we are in our winter I keep a minimum night temp of 16C with the radiators and thermostat working, the day temp is set up to 23C. Of course, summer temp can go much higher.

Good luck with your seedlings.