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Bulbophyllum caloglossum

Now ID as Bulbophyllum caloglossum

I took these photos at a friends place this afternoon. He has had this Bulbophyllum for 4 years and this is the first time it has flowered. It had no name and is one that I have not seen before so I am hopeing that one of OOL members can help with a name for it.
The holes in the lip and petals are due to a caterpillas lunch.
The bulbs are small, about the size of a large pea.

Bulbophyllum caloglossum

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Bulbophyllum caloglossum

Hi Eric,

I'd also go with Bulbophyllum caloglossum from New Guinea. The segments agree with Schltechter's line drawings.




Schlechter, R. (1982) The Orchidaceae of German New Guinea. D.F. Blaxell editor, English translation. Australian Orchid Foundation, Melbourne.


I also agree with B.caloglossum, on this occasion Schlechter's line drawing is easy to follow, this is not always the case, sometimes they are hard to follow. Having said that I could not be without his monumental work on PNG it is a book of indispensable information.



Great looking species, could it be caloglossum?

-Zach Wummer

That Is

Zach, that's what I'm leaning to but I will wait and see if I get any other suggestions.