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Request to all our members: Re Admin.

To preserve and maintain the standards and the principle objectives of this site for the benefit of members and others, and to participate and enjoy the facilities offered, it is beholding to all of us to abide by the rules and act on reasonable requests by the Administrators, who have the unenviable task of checking all entries and wherever necessary ask us to update information, for example, correct spelling of names or the correction of species names.

If we all took the time and effort to comply with the admins request it would make their tasks so much easier and I’m sure we would all benefit.

Thank you.

very true

I agree with what you are saying here Bernard.

site admin

Regards wellsy

To ALL Members.

Please read or reread this entry.

Site Admin


Understood n Agreed...

Yupp I totally agreed with this posting Bernard and as for me I'll try my best to comply with the requirement to ease our admin workload...Hope the rest of our guys could comply to it.....Thanks for the advise.


Pak Sheikh


Just bumping this back to the front page AGAIN.