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Trichocentrum lanceanum

Trichocentrum lanceanum 'Bai pai'
This is the pink skirt variety
Synonym: Oncidium lanceanum

Trichocentrum lanceanum

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Red Flag

I'm not a Trichocentrum or a Trichocentrum lanceanum specialist.
But your plant doesn't match the plant from the "Orchidspecies" website.
Your plant is a hybrid. Check the lip specially the calluses at the base of the lip.
When some websites are talking about pink skirt, they mean a pink lip. All images on the www have a solid pink lip with no spots.

A name for mine???

I have a plant that appears to be an exact match for this. When I bought it I was told it was a species, but in Thailand the seller will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. When it flowered I was convinced it must be a hybrid because it did not match any of the Trichocentrum/Lophiara images I could find.
With some research I thought it was a hybrid called Baipai. This was listed on a few Thai orchid supplier websites as a hybrid and with a variety called "Pink Skirt". I could not find any refrence to a 'BaiPai' hybrid in the international orchid register though.
It is currently flowering for the second time. I hope your identification is correct because it would allow me to put a name on mine!

Bruce Polky

Happy with ID

Hi Bruce,
I got this plant from a seller here in Brisbane, who got them from Thailand as Oncidium Bai Pai. My research lead me to the name lanceanum, and then on verifying it, came up with Trichocentrum lanceanum. There is a pink skirt and yellow skirt variety. They are what are known as the mule ear type of Oncidium. Check out this link I am happy with the name on this one.