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Hello to All,

This may sound like a pretty stupid question as I have been growing orchids for about 7 years, but I’ve never had this problem before.
For some reason, all of a sudden I seem to have little grubs chomping away at my Stanhopea and Gongora leaves. The problem is not limited to the new leaves alone. The grubs are only about 1mm in diameter and no longer than 8mm long
Are there any good products that can be purchased from Bunnings and if so do I need to alter the strength at which it is applied?

Thanks Terry


Terry, try..... CARBARYL...I use it at recommended strength. I also find it very good for the Den beetle and it's larva or any sort of grub. It is a fairly safe chemical to use.
Hope this helps.



Hi Terry,
I spray regularly with a mix of 10ml Eco oil and 5ml Eco neem, in 1lt of water. Since using it I have not had any insect problems. There are of course other products out there, but I will be sticking with the Eco. Unlike some of the other products, Eco is not a chemical, the Eco oil is from the Neem tree, and the Eco neem is from the nut of the tree. All natural products.


Neem Oil from The Orchid Tray Company

The best thing that i use is Neem Oil from The Orchid Tray Company. It's not poisonous to humans and is systemic after using it every fortnight for 2 months. I use 5-10ml per litre of water, if the grubs take one bite, they're gone.


I should have said in my earlier comment both products are available at Bunnings.


Home made white oil

Hi Terry
Click on link I posted a home made spray some time ago.

collin hunt

Bye Bye Grubs

Thanks for all for your advice. I have purchased the above mentioned products and will give them a go.
Thanks windana for your advice, I’ll give it a go when I run out of the store bought products.