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New to the forum IOSPE

Hi All My name is Jay Pfahl and I write www.orchidspecies.com I am sure that some of you are aware of it but if not check it out. There are currently 12,526 species in 809 genera. I have found that this site is very helpful with Austral-asian species and I am very interested in this subject [along with everything else in the Orchidaceae]. I have worked on the Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia {IOPSE} since 1997 and spend close to 4 hours every day on improving it. Are there mistaken ID's, You Betcha, can they be fixed? Absolutely. Anyone here that has any doubts about any of my determinations can contact me and we will work towards a solution. I have been working on the entire Orchidaceae so cannot possibly be on top of the Taxomony and identity of all. So I am asking for your help. See a mistake, contact me through this blog or by getting to me through www.orchidspecies.com.
I also would like to ask for permission to use some of the photos on the site for IOSPE as I constantly am adding new species.
I hope those of you in Northern Australia have gotten through the storms without much ado. My heart goes out to you all as I have been through my share of storms and Hurricanes here in Key West Florida. Hurricane Wilma left us with a foot of saltwater throughout the house and we had to rebuy most everything. Luckily I had good insurance so we weathered it nicely.
I personally have a collection of 1000 or so species orchids from all around the world but since I get to Colombia often I am heavy with South American species. I get to grow outside without a greenhouse which is quite different for the USA. Advantages are lots of space, disadvantages are I have no control over the environment. Sooo I can only grow lowland orchids, a definite disadvantage as I love Lepanthes and other Pleurothallids. My heart breaks every summer when I lose a few due to our constant 90 degree arid weather.


Hi Jay..
I'm one of the frequent user of your site,and here in this forum I would like to make some comment with regards to the image in www.orchidspecies.com which I notice that it is not up to the expectation...ie some of the image are not clear and blurr.
Well....as you've said about permission of using the image from this site,I feel that its about time to used the image fr this site as a replacement.
I'm pleased to allowed you to used whatever you need from my post in this site.

Pak Sheikh

Pak Sheikh


Hi Jay I also use your site a lot and you are welcome to use any of my images on OOL to improve the id photos that you have or to include in any ones that you don't have.Please contact me first to see if there any problems.

Pawpaw ( Eric Beltrame )

Photo use of B gerlanidianum

Hi Eric
I would like to use your photos of B gerlandianum if I could.

jay pfahl


Hi jay please feel free to use the photos of Bulbophyllum gerlandianum.



Thanks Pak
I will go through your offered photos as soon as I can. I have been working on the Bornean species of late and have a devil of a time with some of them. There just is not that much modern reference material out there. The older works are hard to find.
That said I hope I can be a valuable resource for this wonderful site. Often when I have been stumped on a species, knowing that it may be wrong, I have found a thread here that has helped me get the right picture to the species name. Thanks tothe ADMIN for a great site!
Jay Pfahl

jay pfahl


Hello Jay,

Firstly, welcome to OOL.
I would like to commend you on your efforts on www.orchidspecies.com. I use this site often and have found it very helpful. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed; in my opinion this is one of the best and informative sites on the web.
You are more than welcome to use any of my images on OOL.



Credit to Admin.

Hello Wellsy,

Just a quick thankyou to Wellsy and the rest of the Admin. Team. I feel privileged, as a member of OOL that such a well-recognised orchid website has asked OOL members for assistance.
Without the hard work from Admin. the vast majority of us would just have files on our computers containing images of orchids. Thankyou Admin. and OOL for giving all of us the ability to share our thoughts, information and images on this forum.




I am somewhat ambivalent on this matter, on the one hand your request would seem perfectly reasonable but on the other hand (to my mind anyway) would water down the usefullness of OOL.

Perhaps, you may think that I am being narrow minded on this issue, but I feel sure that the exclusivity of some of the content shown on this sight is part of the overall beauty and is a benifit to it's members and encourages visitors to join.

Rather than give carte blanche to IOSPE it may be better for IOSPE to contact the supplier of the content that he wishes to use.


Great Idea

Hello Bernabu,

This idea would make more sense than just using random images from OOL from consenting members. That way the member from OOL consenting to the use of his/her images would be given warning/notice of IOSPE intent to use a particular image. Also I feel that as a matter of courtesy they should be notified.

On the other hand you raise a good point Bernabu. To a degree some exclusivity may be lost but if I remember correctly IOSPE also includes a link to the source of the images. If so this may attract new members to OOL.




The main point I want to get across is that the owner of the images or material should be given the rights and opportunity to give their consent and/or have their say on the matter.


Photo rights

I agree and will contact each photo owner for individual or blanket use as is my normal routine.
Anyone out there that has a problem with any identifications that I have on ISOPE pleaase get in touch with me. My goal is perfection [I am far from it but aspire to attain it], and welcome the help.
Jay Pfahl

jay pfahl

Bulbophyllum bisetum

Hi Bernabu
I would very much like to be able to use your photo of Bulbophyllum bisetum. Is that possible? Full credit to you and a link to OOL.

jay pfahl


Hi Jay,

For clarity, I would ask that you please post a comment directly on the post which contains the image you would like to use when asking for permission.


site admin

Regards wellsy


I use Jay's website almost daily to confirm identifications of plants and to get more information about those plants. While it's always up to the image owner to give permission for its usage, I believe any reference that helps identify plants and get people interested in the growing of orchid species is a good thing.

Personally I would be honored if one of my plants/species would end up represented on the www.orchidspecies.com website!

As for blurred or sub-standard photos, it is important to differentiate between a site dedicated to photography and a site dedicated to trying to document the many orchid species out there. If the only photo available is blurred or sub-standard in any way, it is still far better than no photo at all.

Thank you to Jay for his website and work, and if any of my (few I am afraid) images would be useful, please contact me for a high resolution version.

Bruce Polky

bulbophyllum armeniacum

hi all
One of the major reasons that I have come to this forum is the expertese that many of you have with orchid identification. I have been after a photo of Bulbophyllum armeniacum for quite some time and have found this photo, although lousey, attributed to this species
What do you all think? It is not a very good match in my opinion but I want to hear what you all think.
Thanks for any help there may be.
Jay Pfahl

jay pfahl

Bulbophyllum odoratum

Hi Jay,

Welcome to OOL.

Jim Comber says of Bulbophyllum armeniacum:

J.J. Smith mentioned that it is similar to Bulb. odoratum Lindl. but it is a much smaller plant, with flowers that are always orange, have differently shaped parts, and are nearly scentless. The lateral sepals spreading, obliquely oblong-triangular, about 3x1.7 mm, also concave and thickened apically.

I agree with you that that photo does not represent Bulb. armeniacum. The flowers are white and the lateral sepals do not look to me to be thickened apically. Without further information or other photos of the plant or flowers, it seems to me to be closer to Bulb. odoratum.



Comber, J.B. (2001) Orchids of Sumatra. Natural History Publications, Kota Kinabalu, Borneo.

Bulbophyllum armeniacum and flavescens

Thanks Gary
For your thoughts on the B armeniacum, I will keep searching for a photo.
I have been after a good photo of B flavescens as well. I only have the short sepaled version and have been looking for a photo of the long thin sepaled one
I have located a photo at
that fits most all aspects of this type excepty for the pronounced basal hump of the lateral sepals. Do you feel that this is allowed with in the confines of what we know as B flavescens?
Jay Pfahl

jay pfahl

Bulbophyllum flavescens

Hi Jay,

I would expect Bulb. flavescens to have a basal hump or mentum due to the long column-foot. From what I see in the photo at

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/b-Niu5DEkeAjzB6-B-JhVw - this looks to me to agree with Bulb. flavescens.

Hope that helps.




Vermeulen, J.J. (1991) Orchids of Borneo, Vol. 2: Bulbophyllum. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Surrey.

Welcome Jay

I would also like to welcome you to our community here Jay!

I am also a regular user of your site. I am pretty sure there would not be many people who have done any research on the internet about orchids who have not found a wealth of useful information on your site.

As admin of Orchids Online I would advise that you must in all cases contact the owners of images you would like to use on your site by either posting a comment directly on the post which contains the image you would like to use OR send the owner an email (via their personal contact tab) with a link to the image or images you would like to use.

I know it is your normal policy to state the name of the person who contributed the image to your site but I would ask that if the image is posted on Orchids Online that you include that information and please also consider posting a link to either the Orchids Online website or better a direct link to the page the image is found on.

The link to Orchids Online would be great but that is purely up to you and the owner of the image to decide.

Thanks for your interest in our community and we hope that you visit us and contribute often.

site admin

Regards wellsy