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Dend. parishii

I don't want to split this lovely little species, I would like to pot it up. It has just finished flowering, would I be able to pot it up now?

Request to all our members: Re Admin.

To preserve and maintain the standards and the principle objectives of this site for the benefit of members and others, and to participate and enjoy the facilities offered, it is beholding to all of u

D Fimbiratum-in blooms


My D Fiabiratum is in blooms.

Brassavola orchids

Is it possible that no-one in this country of Australia has any Brassavola orchids? I was chasing a supplier of Perrinii or Tuberculata. I have tried a few nurseries but they can't help.

Help with Cymbidium

I recently bought on Ebay from a seller a flowering size Cascading Cymbidium "cricket"

2011 Horsham OS Spring Show Pics

These pics are on my Flickr site because of the quantity.
Thereare other show pics there as well.

Swapping knowledge on seed germination and Thai orchid habitats

Today we published simple guidelines on how to germinate orchid seeds. You do not need a laboratory:


Has anybody got a photo of Cymbidium Swallow, Cannot find one on the internet
Regards John

How long for Vanda cuttings to send out flowers?

This is a cutting from another cutting, being about 4 years old.

Can someone help me find a photo of Cymbidium Kalang

Can someone help me find a photo of a Cymbidium Kalang, this was registered with the RHS in 1967 I believe I do have one in my collection,I have been trying to find a photo on the web to confirm it's

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