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Swapping knowledge on seed germination and Thai orchid habitats

Today we published simple guidelines on how to germinate orchid seeds. You do not need a laboratory:


Has anybody got a photo of Cymbidium Swallow, Cannot find one on the internet
Regards John

How long for Vanda cuttings to send out flowers?

This is a cutting from another cutting, being about 4 years old.

Can someone help me find a photo of Cymbidium Kalang

Can someone help me find a photo of a Cymbidium Kalang, this was registered with the RHS in 1967 I believe I do have one in my collection,I have been trying to find a photo on the web to confirm it's

Wanted Arpophyllum giganteum


I want to buy the Arpophyllum giganteum orchid. Does anyone has one for sale?



Dear All,

OrchidWiz half prize !!!

Hi everybody, I am looking for people that are interrested in getting OrchidWiz, this is the offer and I need another 9 people to make up 20 so we get it for half price.See below

Dendrobium nothofagicola

I have received some flasks of D nothofagicola and was wondering whether anyone has practical experience with this plant.

Den. anosmum alba problems

I have a Den. anosmum with problems. I also have a few 'common' anosmums without problems.

Orchid Evolution

In the discussion section of the Richard Dawkins website, a poster asked the question "Do orchids have eyes?" A few interesting remarks on orchid evolution have been added.

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