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How long for Vanda cuttings to send out flowers?

This is a cutting from another cutting, being about 4 years old.

Can someone help me find a photo of Cymbidium Kalang

Can someone help me find a photo of a Cymbidium Kalang, this was registered with the RHS in 1967 I believe I do have one in my collection,I have been trying to find a photo on the web to confirm it's

Wanted Arpophyllum giganteum


I want to buy the Arpophyllum giganteum orchid. Does anyone has one for sale?



Dear All,

OrchidWiz half prize !!!

Hi everybody, I am looking for people that are interrested in getting OrchidWiz, this is the offer and I need another 9 people to make up 20 so we get it for half price.See below

Dendrobium nothofagicola

I have received some flasks of D nothofagicola and was wondering whether anyone has practical experience with this plant.

Den. anosmum alba problems

I have a Den. anosmum with problems. I also have a few 'common' anosmums without problems.

K & H Smart (Ken & Heather) Price List

K & H Smart (Ken & Heather) Price List

We specialize in the culture of Phaleanopsis species and hybrids and Paphiopedilum species and primary hybrids. Although we do also occasionally have available some Phragmipedilum species and primary hybrids as well.

Nursery Hours

Orchid Evolution

In the discussion section of the Richard Dawkins website, a poster asked the question "Do orchids have eyes?" A few interesting remarks on orchid evolution have been added.

Wanted spiranthes Australis

I am looking for a Spiranthes Australis for sale.

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