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Den. anosmum alba problems

I have a Den. anosmum with problems. I also have a few 'common' anosmums without problems.

K & H Smart (Ken & Heather) Price List

K & H Smart (Ken & Heather) Price List

We specialize in the culture of Phaleanopsis species and hybrids and Paphiopedilum species and primary hybrids. Although we do also occasionally have available some Phragmipedilum species and primary hybrids as well.

Nursery Hours

Orchid Evolution

In the discussion section of the Richard Dawkins website, a poster asked the question "Do orchids have eyes?" A few interesting remarks on orchid evolution have been added.

Wanted spiranthes Australis

I am looking for a Spiranthes Australis for sale.

The Orchid Ark

A few hours ago, we launched the Orchid Ark:

Northern Thai orchids

Dokmai Garden is a private botanical garden with nearly 1000 plant species on display, including orchids.

Spathoglottis plicata seed pod

I need some advice on the seed pod that has formed on my plicata, probably due to the ants that have been all over it since it started flowering.

Wanted - Oncidium luridum (synonym Oncidium guttatum

Hi everyone,

I have been reading up on oncidiums. Does anyone know where I might get Oncidium Lirudim (oncid.synonym Oncidium guttatum). As I understand it is a "mule eared" oncidium.

Miltassia Charles M. Fitch x Rhynchostele 'Stamfordiense'

In my posting of many moons ago, I sent a photo of my most faithful flowering orchid, Miltassia Charles M Fitch x Odontoglossum Stamfordiense.

Can anyone help with a name

I bought a Bulbophyllum some time ago with the name 'putehrum' on the label. I can not find this name registered on Kew.

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