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I'm an orchard begiiner.
My father has given me some orchids that belonged to my grandfather - having moved to retirement living, he can't look after them anymore.
They clearly need repotting. Can anyone refer me to any general information on how to do this?

New listing of Phrag's

Hi all, I have just put in my order for Phrags with Ezi-Gro orchids in Perth. They have an extensive list and was impressed with the lycaste listing as well.

Question for Wellsy re Paph's

Hi Wellsy,

Our reinvented orchid auction is coming!

There has been a lot of talk here recently about the orchid auction coming back or not.

RED ALERT, RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RED ALERT because one of my dendrobiums are dropping the leaves that are close to the the growing
medium.They turn lite brown, shrival up and drop to the ground. I do have them in hanging baskets


Hi all, does anyone know where I can buy any Phragmipedium
? Thanks, Maureen

A very unique slant on orchid appreciation

From photographic images of rare orchids and exotic flora captured by Miss Lontay herself in the jungles of Malaysia to the beaches of Tahiti she creates an extraordinary and enticing mix of luxurious high quality fabrics for her divine collections printed and made by some of the finest English and Italian manufacturers. read more.....

Wanted photo of Vanda Pukele

Hi all,

Am trying to track down a picture of Vanda Pukele (V. Betsy Sumner x V. sanderiana) for a judging assignement.

If anyone can help, please email me

Aeranthes, Stanhope, Octomeria wanted

If anyone knows of anyone who is willing to part with any species Aeranthes Stanhope or Octomeria, could you drop me a line. I am particularly after a FS of Aeranthes grandiflora.

Cheers Haemish

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