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Colmanara and Wilsonara

I have several flowering orchids of what I think are Colmanara. Any pointers to more information on these to multi-generic hybrids please



Getting Plants In Focus

As a photographer I have been cringing a lot lately with the poor quality of plant photos. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

OK, here are some simple tricks to get the best out of your photos.


hi, can anyone tell me the name of this orchid
thanks Joe

Beginner List

I am a Beginner - Completely! Love Orchids unable to grow am ready to be educated! Live in Brisbane.

Hi to all,

I just wanted to say I am wanting to know where to buy some Spag moss in bulk and some gravel on the Gold Coast. I am buying some Phrags and Lycaste's from ezi-grow orchids in WA.

Orchid Conservation

The Orchid Conservation Coalition has started a new initiative to document and bring stories of orchid habitat loss, preservation and restoration to the orchid growing community and the public.

Orchid Management Database Software NEW 2007 VERSION

Orchid Management Database Software NEW 2007 VERSION

NEW 2007 VERSION Orchid Collection Image Management Database

Profesional Edition to suit the needs of the most avid collector.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide around your growing area

Using Hydrogen Peroxide around your growing area

I have found Hydrogen Peroxide or products containing Hydrogen Peroxide to be beneficial if used as an aid for keeping your plants, growing


I'm an orchard begiiner.
My father has given me some orchids that belonged to my grandfather - having moved to retirement living, he can't look after them anymore.
They clearly need repotting. Can anyone refer me to any general information on how to do this?

New listing of Phrag's

Hi all, I have just put in my order for Phrags with Ezi-Gro orchids in Perth. They have an extensive list and was impressed with the lycaste listing as well.

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