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HOLTUMURA CHRISTIE LOW- Aranda Lucy Laycock X Ascocenda Choo Lai Queen

Does anyone grow this hybrid? Trying to get some of this old cross. Thank you


Stanhopea Spindleriana and Stanhopea Assidensis

Both the flowers looks very similiar.

D Fimbiratum-in blooms


My D Fiabiratum is in blooms.

Help with Cymbidium

I recently bought on Ebay from a seller a flowering size Cascading Cymbidium "cricket"

Wanted-Phaius Tankervilliae (mature or flowering size)

If anyone of a larger mature Phaius Tankervilliae,
please offer this to me (postage to NSW)

Thank you


WANTED to buy larger size Stanhopea plants
in baskets AND or larger divisions.

Happy to receive plants bare rooted through
for divisions only post to NSW 2088


After being away for 3 weeks, I found my entire collection of 50 "Enchanting Stanhopeas"
all stredded that is the leaves cut and the bulbs chewed downed to the roots

Kagawara Christie Low (Renanthera Nancy Chandler X Ascoenda Memoria Choo LaiKeun)

Where can I buy this in Australia?
Happy to get flask if available or seedlings.

Wanted to buy cymbidium plant suitable for dividing and repotting

Retired gentleman/Novice grower who is interested in buying Cymbidium Orchids to start my collection.Location Sydney CBD New South Wales, Australia.

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